The one where I talk about memories.


Something remembered from the past, a recollection.


We all know that the definition is far simpler than the thing itself. Everything we see around us, carries a memory and it’s kind of hard not to be nostalgic about things. I have a really bad habit of visiting my past and kinda drowning myself in a memory. Some memories are good, some are bad. Some memories, i want to re-live. Some memories, i want to store at the back of my head and keep it shut there forever. Sometimes, it haunts me that everything i own, has some sort of memory to it.


For example,


a picture holds a lot of memory. This is a picture of me and a friend I used to talk to. We don’t talk anymore but I like to look at this picture and think about how happy i was at that moment.




This is a bracelet/band that I’ve been wearing for about 3-4 years now. I’m surprised it’s still in good condition. The ends have frayed a lil but that’s what you get for wearing a band for that long and I’ve never taken it out since. This band may seem simple but it was the time when i was still really good friends with these two girls and we all wore this band. They might’ve thrown it away, but this is a pretty sentimental item to me. I miss them, i really do.

Another thing that holds a lot of memory is the song called Breakeven by The Script. Every single damn time i hear that song somewhere, i try my hardest not to lose my calm because it was a song i used to listen to all the time with someone that was dear to me.

Hell, even my pair of vans means something to me.


My bad habit is holding on to these memories and instead of letting go, i tend to slip into my past. Then i’ll get really upset and think unhappy thoughts. BUT one major thing i forget is that, i shouldn’t get upset because i still have plenty of time to make new memories to counter all the bad memories.

Memories are tricky things. They play with your thoughts and feelings a lot. But if you think about it, everything is just a memory. A minute goes by, and then an hour passes, and finally a whole day comes to and end. Hey presto, it’s all in the past and that becomes a memory.

Whatever it is, your memories shape you. Good or bad, it has made you the person you are today. Don’t let your memory haunt you. Let it guide you and make you an even better person you are today.







The one where i talk about why i love coffee


Took this photo about 3 years ago? I was admiring the sunset in Phuket and i think it was one of the most peaceful moments in my life.


Reasons why i love coffee:

It brings people together. I believe that coffee is the best way to bring people together. Like it’s so easy to ask someone out by saying ‘hey, you wanna grab coffee some time this week?’ Seriously, conversations over coffee is the best thing on earth. It’s such a chill kind of date. You sit in your favourite cafe for hours, drink coffee and have conversations with people you love. Not only that, the smell of the coffee brewing is like wow amazing.

It tastes heavenly. I just simply love the fact that there are numerous ways of making coffee making every single drink unique. Like espresso, flat white, americano, cappuccino, macchiato etc. IT’S JUST AMAZING. COFFEE IS LOVELY AND SO ARE YOU.

It’s relaxing. I don’t know about you guys but i feel very calm after drinking a cup of coffee. Like if I’m really stressed or sad, a good cup of coffee makes my day. It’s like my ultimate cure.

It’s black. Just like my soul.

It’s the perfect drink. You wanna paint? drink coffee. You wanna do work? drink coffee. You wanna think about life? drink coffee. You wanna relax? drink coffee. You’ve already drank 4 cups of coffee? drink more coffee.

It’s the best wake me up drink. Feel like crap in the morning? No worries. Go to your nearest coffee house and grab an espresso. it’s bound to wake you up and last you through your lectures. Avoid drinks like lattes though if you need to wake up. Latte is basically one part espresso, three part steamed milk and a thin layer of foam. Which is totally pointless if you need to wake up. It’s just way too much milk. I’m not a huge fan of latte anyway because the milk to espresso ratio totally cancels out the flavour of the coffee. I actually feel sick after drinking latte.


Anyway, i have a couple more reasons as to why i love coffee. But let’s save that for a conversation over coffee with me.


The one where i talk about things I’ve learned


I couldn’t enjoy my coffee because the two girls next to me are being annoying.

Going through another shit point in my life again. But the great thing is that it makes me want to write. So today shall be another day where i write a bunch of things I’ve learned.


1. If you don’t want someone in your life anymore, it’s perfectly fine to cut them off. You’re not an asshole for cutting someone out of your life. If it means that your life will be much better, then go ahead.

2. It’s okay if you need time alone. Even if it means you need to take a couple of days, weeks or months off. Go ahead. Come back once you feel better.

3. Drink coffee and eat cake if you’re feeling upset. It helps.

4. Blast angry music if you need to release your anger. Don’t harm yourself.

5. Love yourself.

6. It’s perfectly fine to cry. It’s perfectly fine to have 3am breakdowns or 9pm meltdowns. 

7. It’s fine to go against your parents once in awhile. But remember to apologise after that.

8. Do something that you love, not because your parents want you to.

9. The less you care, the easier life will be.

10. Don’t get too attached and dependent on someone. Because once they leave, you’re just going to feel empty and lost.

11. Choose the right kind of friends but don’t be picky.

12. Be nice to yourself. You’re wonderful.

13. Slow things down in your life a lil bit. Step back and notice the little things in life.

14. Appreciate the smaller things in life such as that empty seat you got in the train, that last slice of cake you see in the display counter and the stranger that smiled at you in the bus.

15. Love yourself.

16. Screw the idea of perfect. There’s no such thing as perfect.

17. If you miss someone, call them up or text them. 

18. Do at least one crazy thing in your life. Anything. Sneak out for a concert (i did that last year), tell your crush you have a crush on them, get a tattoo that has absolutely no meaning at all. Live life, be a lil bit reckless.

19. Don’t rush things with someone you really like. But at the same time, don’t wait forever for someone to like you back.

20. Love yourself.

21. Happiness is a choice. Wake up feeling shitty? Tell yourself that you’re gonna make today a better day and actually do it.

22. Wear dark lipstick and killer heels if it means you feel better about yourself. Do it for you, not for anybody else.

23. If your partner tells you to change things about yourself, leave them. You don’t need that shit from them.

24. Don’t settle.

25. Love yourself.


The one where i talk about happy things


stay chill, hang loose | a picture i took when i went to NZ

Warning: This post is gonna be so positive that you have no choice but to be positive after reading this.

I know that i tend to be really negative about life so i guess i’m gonna make a change and try to list “things to be happy about”

1. The smell of freshly brewed coffee

2. Home cooked meals

3. When your favourite band comes to your country

4. Catching the sunset with someone you love

5. Watching the sunrise alone

6. Crying after a reading a book because it was THAT good

7. Admiring the stranger who sits alone at your favourite cafe

8. When you ace that test you studied really hard for

9. Meeting someone for the first time

10. Listening to a really good song for the first time

11. Seeing someone who looks so focused when they smoke because i always wonder what’s going through their head when they take their first puff of the day.

12. Art. Damn i get really happy whenever i see artworks.

13. Museums. Any kind of museums.

14. Hugs. Hugs are pretty rad if you think about it. Loop arms around partner, partner loops arm around you, tummy goes whoosh whoosh.

15. When someone stays up at like 3/4 in the morning just to hear you ramble on about life

16. A good laugh. The kind of really ugly laugh that makes your sides hurt.

17. Love

18. A city at 5am with empty streets and cold wind

19. Buying that thing you’ve been eyeing for a really long time with your own hard-earned cash

20. Making a fool out of yourself in public with your best friend.

21. When you’re finally able to build up courage to tell someone your darkest thoughts.

22. Kanye interrupting T Swift that one time

23. The moment at a concert when the singer stops singing and the crowd continues the song and you see the band smile and oh wow yeah. 

24. Strangers who smile at you when you make eye contact with them

25. When someone places their head on your shoulders and you’re like “yes, I’m the chosen one.”

26. When Beyonce slayed everyone by dropping a freaking surprise album on all of us. Hail Queen Bey.

27. When you take a selfie on your first try and you look hella rad.

28. Watching your favourite movie

29. When someone tells you they love you and mean it

30. Positive Vibes


So that’s it. I’m only able to come up with 30 things to be happy about and there’s a whole lot more but that’s all for now.


er, i’m still trying to figure out a nice tag line to end my posts. Please bear with my abrupt endings for now.


The one where i describe myself


1. I’m Farhanah. 

2. Heights freak me out a lil bit

3. I drink way too much coffee. I love a good shot of espresso.

4. I love Mulan. If you don’t love Mulan, “DISHONOUR ON YOU. DISHONOUR ON YOUR COW.”

5. I can watch Harry Potter over and over again and never get bored.

6. Dark Chocolate over any other type of chocolate.

7. I draw in my spare time. I’m not talking van gogh kind of art, i’m talking about a 3 y/o kid kind of art.

8. I worked as an assistant kindergarten teacher and i think that’s pretty rad. I also worked at a toy museum and gave tours to bratty kids who demanded for the latest games and didn’t appreciate the hella cool antique toys we had at the museum. psh.

9. I’m tired 24/7. 

10. My top 3 bands are Oasis, The Kooks, Arctic Monkeys

I think 10 facts is good enough for now.


oh god how do i end this????